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Solar Design with Sketchup

May 30th, 2015

Sketchup for Solar


As someone who has done a good deal of solar design work in AutoCAD 2D–I was excited to explore the potential for designing in Sketchup–3D-style. The above planset was drafted for a friend of mine. I’ve removed the specific location details from the titleblock, as well as the electrical wire schedules–lest anyone make the mistake of trying to copy the design.



It’s Never Easy

January 13th, 2013

So the plan was to make the drones follow a simple lines on the ground, pausing periodically as though planning a next move.  The drone had arrived, as had the Student Version of the Labview software.  Immediately after the thrill of flying this amazing craft had worn off I ran into a significant problem!  The Labview “toolkit” had no way of bringing the video (from the drone’s front or bottom camera’s) into Labview in a way I could use to control the drone.  My Labview gurus had written the platform for AR Drone 1.0  (apparently 2.0 is significantly more difficult), and the native decoding was only available for the first version.



Autonomous Quadcopter Project Continues

January 13th, 2013

OK after a long period of research, the building has begun, in earnest.  I’ve posted a youtube video from the AR drone, but haven’t discussed the steps that led up to the monumental event.  It was, in fact, the result of many many hours of internet research that brought me to the beloved Parrot AR Drone.



New Electronics Laboratory is Born

May 20th, 2012


I’m not sure if this picture does justice to the surface of this work bench.  It’s a joy to work on and looks a lot like the clear hemlock sold on the west coast.  With a couple coats of shellac this work bench came out nice.



I See Catastrophes Ahead

March 18th, 2012



At a Christmas party last year I met audio-visual artist Antione Catala, who was working on a installation idea.  The idea had its origin in the work of Chris Harrison and involved a visual display that was given its texture through pneumatic actuation.  The finished installation involved a few isolated pieces of work.  The pneumatic actuation, my contribution, figured into the piece that is shown above.  See a video of the exhibit.


Adirondacks Chair #2 and #3

December 28th, 2011

Wind Technician Climbs Turbines

December 23rd, 2011