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New Electronics Laboratory is Born

May 20th, 2012


I’m not sure if this picture does justice to the surface of this work bench.  It’s a joy to work on and looks a lot like the clear hemlock sold on the west coast.  With a couple coats of shellac this work bench came out nice.



I worked with my friend Andrew to install this in the basement of his new house.  It is a simple 2×4 frame with the 3/4″ plywood resting on top.  We prepped a 2×4 ledger board for installation on the cinder-block wall.  The ledger was part of the frame, and after the frame was fully screwed together we used tap-cons to fasten the ledger to the wall.  I held the frame up, as Andrew installed the two legs (each made of 2 2x4s).


While we have already populated the bench with equipment, his project is still under construction.  I have ideas on track lighting directly above the bench and we have 2 shelves (of the same plywood stock) to install above the bench.  See the following picture to see what we’re working with at the moment:



We made some interesting discoveries today.  First, after much confusion, we determined that some of the resistors have developed corrosion on their leads.  The result is that resistors have a voltage drop of only a fraction of what the power supply indicates they should.


Second, we were able to explore the operation of the USB function generator with a small speaker.  The function generator came as part of my oscilloscope, but I’d never gotten a chance to use it.   The coolest thing we simulated utilized the sweep function: where the function generator output a signal that moved from one value to another across a period of time.  We used a square wave, 5HZ to 50kHz across 10 seconds, using a ‘piano-type’ pulse and got some very interesting sounds from the speak.  Very geeky indeed.


All in all, it was an exciting day.  There was much talk about the potential for brain-computer interfaces, such as the ones distributed through NeuroSky.  This may be the next project, or something on the horizon at least.  Based on the amazing results of Collin Cunningham, a simpler project seems possible.  See his video entitled ‘Brainwave Beats’.  We’d like to use our brain-states to control the operation of a simple LED light, and possible utilize the Neurosky equipment along with Arduino stuff.

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