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Guitar Amplifier PCB Project Begins

May 31st, 2012


Above is a schematic for a simple 12-volt guitar amplifier.  I recently simulated this design in Multisim–which came out of Randy Slone’s text Electricity and Electronics–and am having the PCB board manufactured through Advanced Circuits out West.  I am actively looking on Craigslist for an old speaker cabinet to retrofit with this board.  I’ll talk more about the design as this thing progresses a little further.


Before I do though, I’d like to give a shout out to Randy Slone, who is unfortunately no longer around.  His book, referenced above, and the one entitled High-Powered Audio Amplifier Construction Manual, are some of the most enlivened and empowering books I’ve read in the field of electronics.  Maybe it’s because he dedicated each of his books to Jesus, or maybe he was just a really nice guy and a great communicator.  Either way, I’ve learned tons from him, and doing his 12-watt guitar amp project, I feel connected with his enthusiasm and work.

2 Responses to “Guitar Amplifier PCB Project Begins”

  1. Angelo Santos says:

    Greetings, I was looking at your schematic design for the 12-volt guitar amplifier and I was wondering what the HDR1X3 were for? For example, for the Bass and Treble, are they for inputs for a Bass and Treble circuit, or are they outputs wherein I can attach an oscilloscope to it? I am very sorry for such a silly question, I just wanted to understand the circuit more. Thank you!
    - Angelo

    • amorse says:

      Hey Angelo,
      ‘HDR1x3′ is a header with three terminals. Headers are where I interfaced with objects off the PCB: specifically I used these to go to control knobs for volume, treble and bass adjustment, DC power supplies, a speaker, or an input from the guitar. Within the bass and treble circuit, the headers go to three-terminal potentiometer knobs, ideally located on the outside of the amplifier. I give my best explanation for how this sub-circuit attenuates or amplifies high or low frequencies in my write-up: http://www.adam-morse.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/PCB-Project-Guitar-Amp-Write-up.pdf

      Hope this helps,

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